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3D Subsurface Lasering


In sub surface lasering, images and text

are created inside a crystal block below

the surface.



A laser beam fires to a specific location

to create a tiny void inside the crystal

and it will require a million or more

voids to form the image.

The result is a truly amazing piece of 3D art

which can be viewed from all directions.



CO2/Fiber Engraving

CO2 laser marking is ideal for a wide range

of materials including anodized aluminium,

glass, acrylic and wood.


A high power CO2 laser can be used to cut

through acrylics and wood.



Fiber lasers are mostly used for marking on metallic

surfaces like steel, aluminum and brass.


Depending on the composition of the material,

a focused laser beam will produce a tonal

marking on the surface of the metal.


UV Colour Printing





Our advanced colour printers are high precision and produces

superior print-image quality.


High resolution means we can produce the most beautiful

and accurate colour renditions on our products.









Sandblasting can be done on crystal, wine bottles / glasses

and some other materials.


In crystal or glass sandblasting, the graphics are sand carved

deeply into the surface making a permanent marking.


Mechanical Engraving





The computerized engraving machine is used to engrave on

metal plates, pens, gifts and other small items.


We have the machines in our showroom and many items

can be engraved within the visiting hours.



Mounting Services






If you have a product to mount or display, we can help to find the

right size from our ready stock of wooden bases or plaques.


We can also help to design any other customizable materials,

shapes and sizes to suit your products and budgets.